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Inclusive Interviews at a Glance

Useful animated video from Microsoft on their inclusive interview processes

Guaranteed Interview Schemes – friend or foe?

Article written by Graeme Whippy MBE on why Guaranteed Interview Schemes can fail, and how to make sure they don’t

Conducting Inclusive Interviews

An American video giving some basic advice about conducting interviews with disabled candidates

Evenbreak’s Own Recruitment Process

We advise employers to make their recruitment processes as accessible as possible, but do we practice what we preach? Here is the process we used in our recent hiring round, looking to fill two roles.

5 Tips to Make your Job Adverts more Inclusive

Things to consider when writing job adverts to ensure you aren’t excluding disabled candidates. Here at Evenbreak, we talk about diversity, inclusivity and overcoming barriers daily.  But how do employers keep disability awareness up front? Writing a job advert that appeals to disabled candidates is a great place to start! Employing disabled people means your workforce […]

Attracting Disabled Candidates (video)

Graeme Whippy suggests ways that employers can attract disabled candidates

Inclusive Selection Methods (video)

Graeme Whippy explores how selection methods can be more inclusive  

Adjustments at Recruitment – Case Law (text)

Adjustments at Recruitment Recently we have seen how important it is for recruitment assessments to take into consideration the disabilities of job applicants, and how a failure to make reasonable adjustments can put you at risk of a claim of indirect disability discrimination.

Case law: Indirect discrimination against candidate with Asperger’s (text)

Does HR need to change recruitment processes following EAT ruling? (Source)

An inclusive and accessible recruitment process (video)

A video from Purple about making your recruitment process inclusive and accessible

Offering an interview to a disabled candidate (video)

A video from Purple about interviewing disabled candidates

Reasonable Adjustments for Interviews (video)

How can you help disabled candidates thrive in interviews? Graeme Whippy tells us.

Tips on Interviewing People with Autism (text)

Interviews generally give a poor indication of someone’s ability to perform in a particular role. This is even more the case with autistic candidates and there are much more appropriate ways to assess them, including relevant work trials or tests. However, if you have to interview a candidate you know to be on the autistic […]

Attracting Disabled Candidates (text)

Ways to attract disable candidates Employers are increasingly aware of the business benefits of employing disabled people. On average disabled employees are just as productive as non-disabled people, have significantly less time off, fewer workplace accidents, and stay in their jobs longer. They have inside intelligence on the “purple pound” (the estimated £212 billion that […]

Accessible Recruitment – Lloyds Banking Group (video)

A view from Lloyds Banking Group on accessible recruitment

Recruitment Case Study – Louis Jameson (video)

A recruitment case study from Lloyds Banking Group

Barriers in Recruitment – Autism (video)

An autistic candidate, Will, talks about the barriers he faces in recruitment

Recruitment Case Study – Ross Hovey (video)

Recruitment case study from Lloyds Banking Group

People with Facial Disfigurements – FAQ (text)

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Recruiting and Developing Employees who Stammer (text)

Recruiting and Developing Employees who Stammer

Lloyds Banking Group – Disability Recruitment Leaflet (pdf)

Lloyds Banking Group – Disability Recruitment Leaflet. This is a leaflet developed by Lloyds Banking Group, explaining to existing and potential colleagues how disabled people are supported with the group. Do you have something like this?

Why Job Interviews Create Barriers to People with Autism (text)

Why job interviews create barriers to people with autism – from the perspective of a person with autism

Recruiting and working with someone who stammers- 10 things to know (text)

Recruiting and working with someone who stammers – 10 things to know.

Pre-Employment Questions about Disability or Health (pdf)

Pre-Emloyment Questions about Disability or Health from EHRC

Disability Discrimination During Recruitment (text)

Disability discrimination during recruitment.

Recruiting an Autistic Person (text)

Recruiting an autistic person.

Dyspraxia – Supporting Candidates (text)

Dyspraxia – Supporting Candidates.

What Kind of Work can a Person With a Learning Disability Do (pdf)

What kind of work can a person with a learning disability do?

Case Law – Online Tests (text)

Case Law – Online Tests.

Disabled Apprentices – Recruitment Tips (text)

Disabled Apprentices – Recruitment Tips.