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Evenbreak Best Practice Portal for inclusion and accessibility in the work place.

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Autism in the Workplace – Lived Experience

A video showing the lived experience of people with autism in the workplace

Exit interviews (video)

Graeme Whippy explores the value of carrying out independent exit interviews

Ensuring Policies are Inclusive (video)

It’s important to ensure that HR policies are inclusive

Workplace Adjustments – Framework (video)

Graeme Whippy talks about establishing a framework for workplace adjustments

Discriminatory References (Case Law) (text)

Discriminatory References Employers have been advised to take extra care with references for ex-employees after a recent employment tribunal where a claimant believed he had been victimised and discriminated against because of his sickness absence.

Disabled Employee Networks – Infuencing Policy (video)

Kate Nash of PurpleSpace talks about how Disability Networks can influence policy

Gathering Data (text)

Gathering Data. Taken from Secrets and Big News: Enabling people to be themselves at work, by Kate Nash OBE

Managing the Absence of a Disabled Employee (text)

Managing the absence of a disabled employee.

Pre-Employment Questions about Disability or Health (pdf)

Pre-Emloyment Questions about Disability or Health from EHRC

Reducing Sickness Absence (text)

Reducing Sickness Absence.

Reviewing Policies (text)

Reviewing Policies from EHRC).

Dealing with Claims of Discrimination (text)

EHRC – Dealing with Claims of Discrimination.

Pre-employment Health Questions for Employers (pdf)

Pre-employment Health Questions for Employers (document produced by EHRC).

Disabled Employees and Redundancy (text)

Disabled Employees and Redundancy (EHRC).

Accessible Communication Policy (pdf)

Accessible Communication Policy (from Action on Hearing Loss)

Equality Impact Assessments (pdf)

Equality Impact Assessments – a guide for employers (enei)

Mental health and business (pdf)

Mental health and business