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Social Model Video

Great video giving a very clear introduction to the social model of disability

The Social Model of Disability (text)

The Social Model of Disability (Source – Habinteg Housing) The ‘social model of disability’ is about a clear focus on the economic, environmental and cultural barriers encountered by people who are viewed by others as having some form of impairment – whether physical, sensory or intellectual.

Social Model of Disability (video)

A discussion about the social model of disability

Adjustments at Recruitment – Case Law (text)

Adjustments at Recruitment Recently we have seen how important it is for recruitment assessments to take into consideration the disabilities of job applicants, and how a failure to make reasonable adjustments can put you at risk of a claim of indirect disability discrimination.

Disability and Language (video)

How language affects perceptions of disability

Social Model Animation (video)

An old one, but a good animation!  

What is the social model of disability? (video)

Video from Scope about the social model of disability

Disabled Employee Networks and the Social Model of Disability (video)

Kate Nash of PurpleSpace talks about the link between Disability Networks and the social model of disability