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Evenbreak Best Practice Portal for inclusion and accessibility in the work place.

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Evenbreak’s Own Recruitment Process

We advise employers to make their recruitment processes as accessible as possible, but do we practice what we preach? Here is the process we used in our recent hiring round, looking to fill two roles.

Attracting Disabled Candidates (video)

Graeme Whippy suggests ways that employers can attract disabled candidates

An inclusive and accessible recruitment process (video)

A video from Purple about making your recruitment process inclusive and accessible

Attracting Talent (video)

Nasser Siabi, CEO of Microlink, talks about attracting talent

Attracting Disabled Candidates (text)

Ways to attract disable candidates Employers are increasingly aware of the business benefits of employing disabled people. On average disabled employees are just as productive as non-disabled people, have significantly less time off, fewer workplace accidents, and stay in their jobs longer. They have inside intelligence on the “purple pound” (the estimated £212 billion that […]

Avoiding Disability Discrimination in Job Adverts (text)

Avoiding Disability Discrimination in Job Adverts (by Emma Bagshaw) Job adverts are used to advertise vacant jobs within a company. At their most basic they include details about the role, the required qualifications, and how to apply. Given that many of the best candidates are also disabled, employers must take care that their job adverts do […]