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Autism in the Workplace – Lived Experience

A video showing the lived experience of people with autism in the workplace

Understanding Stammering: A guide for employers (pdf)

This guide was jointly produced by enei (Employers’ Network for Equality and Inclusion) and the Employers’ Stammering Network, and provides useful information and advice on how employers can reduce the barriers faced by stammerers in the workplace.

Involving Disabled People (video)

Involving the real experts on inclusion – disabled people themselves.

Making Assumptions (video)

How assumptions can be made in the workplace

Working For All? (Scope Research) (pdf)

Working for All? Scope conducted research on experiences of employment support amongst disabled people with high support needs. This is the report (March 2017)

Examples of Workplace Adjustments (video)

Nasser Siabi, CEO of Microlink, gives examples of workplace adjustments

Overcoming Barriers (video)

Louis Jameson from Lloyds Banking Group talks about overcoming barriers he faces

Recruitment Case Study – Louis Jameson (video)

A recruitment case study from Lloyds Banking Group

Barriers in Recruitment – Autism (video)

An autistic candidate, Will, talks about the barriers he faces in recruitment

On Being an Autistic Employee (video)

Will, an autistic man, talks about being an autistic employee

Barriers and Overcoming Them (video)

Ross Hovey from Lloyds Banking Group talks about overcoming barriers at work

People with Facial Disfigurements – FAQ (text)

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Recruiting and Developing Employees who Stammer (text)

Recruiting and Developing Employees who Stammer

Recruiting and working with someone who stammers- 10 things to know (text)

Recruiting and working with someone who stammers – 10 things to know.

Disability and Employment (text)

Disability and employment – summary of survey findings from Reed in Partnership and Disability Rights UK

Case Law – Online Tests (text)

Case Law – Online Tests.

Dealing with Physical Barriers (text)

Dealing with Physical Barriers (from EHRC).

Hidden Disadvantage (pdf)

Hidden Disadvantage – report from Action on Hearing Loss