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Evenbreak Best Practice Portal for inclusion and accessibility in the work place.

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Inclusive Interviews at a Glance

Useful animated video from Microsoft on their inclusive interview processes

Guaranteed Interview Schemes – friend or foe?

Article written by Graeme Whippy MBE on why Guaranteed Interview Schemes can fail, and how to make sure they don’t

Conducting Inclusive Interviews

An American video giving some basic advice about conducting interviews with disabled candidates

Evenbreak’s Own Recruitment Process

We advise employers to make their recruitment processes as accessible as possible, but do we practice what we preach? Here is the process we used in our recent hiring round, looking to fill two roles.

Inclusive Selection Methods (video)

Graeme Whippy explores how selection methods can be more inclusive  

Offering an interview to a disabled candidate (video)

A video from Purple about interviewing disabled candidates

Reasonable Adjustments for Interviews (video)

How can you help disabled candidates thrive in interviews? Graeme Whippy tells us.

Tips on Interviewing People with Autism (text)

Interviews generally give a poor indication of someone’s ability to perform in a particular role. This is even more the case with autistic candidates and there are much more appropriate ways to assess them, including relevant work trials or tests. However, if you have to interview a candidate you know to be on the autistic […]

Barriers in Recruitment – Autism (video)

An autistic candidate, Will, talks about the barriers he faces in recruitment

People with Facial Disfigurements – FAQ (text)

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Why Job Interviews Create Barriers to People with Autism (text)

Why job interviews create barriers to people with autism – from the perspective of a person with autism

Dyspraxia – Supporting Candidates (text)

Dyspraxia – Supporting Candidates.

Avoiding Discriminatory Questions at Interviews (text)

Avoiding Discriminatory Questions at Interviews.

Communication Tips Card (download)

Communication Tips Card.

Communication support for people who are deafblind (pdf)

Communication support for people who are deafblind.

Working with a speech-to-text reporter (pdf)

Working with a speech-to-text reporter.

Working with a note taker (pdf)

Working with a note taker.

Working with a sign language interpreter (pdf)

Working with a sign language interpreter.

Tips on Interviewing People with Autism (text)

Tips on Interviewing People with Autism.