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Evenbreak Best Practice Portal for inclusion and accessibility in the work place.

Graeme Whippy gives an example of workplace adjustments for a colleague with sight impairment

An example of how job carving works for an employee with visual impairment

Adapting the induction process for a new recruit with sight loss

Aidan’s take on sight loss

My guide dog is not a SatNav!

You’re blind! You’ll never be able to use stairs!

How Lloyds engage with their disabled customers

Louis Jameson from Lloyds Banking Group talks about overcoming barriers he faces

A recruitment case study from Lloyds Banking Group

Ross Hovey from Lloyds Banking Group gives some examples of workplace adjustments

Employing Disabled People in the Hospitality Industry.

Understanding how the onset of sight loss affects employment – full report.

Employing Someone with Sight Loss.

Communication support for people who are deafblind.

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