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Neurodiversity at Work

A guide from CIPD on Neurodiversity at work

Working With an Autistic Colleague

Useful article written by an autistic person about the best way to work with her

Workplace Adjustments Example – ADHD (video)

An example of how job carving works for an employee with ADHD

Adjustments at Recruitment – Case Law (text)

Adjustments at Recruitment

Recently we have seen how important it is for recruitment assessments to take into consideration the disabilities of job applicants, and how a failure to make reasonable adjustments can put you at risk of a claim of indirect disability discrimination.

Case law: Indirect discrimination against candidate with Asperger’s (text)

Does HR need to change recruitment processes following EAT ruling?


Tips on Interviewing People with Autism (text)

Interviews generally give a poor indication of someone’s ability to perform in a particular role. This is even more the case with autistic candidates and there are much more appropriate ways to assess them, including relevant work trials or tests. However, if you have to interview a candidate you know to be on the autistic spectrum, here are some tips to bear in mind:

The Thinking Styles of People with Autism (text)

The Different Thinking Styles of People with Autism (a personal view by Will van Zwanenberg)

Barriers in Recruitment – Autism (video)

An autistic candidate, Will, talks about the barriers he faces in recruitment

Benefits of Employing People with Autism (video)

Will, a candidate with autism, tells us about the benefits of employing people with autism

Managing Autistic Employees (video)

Advice on managing autistic employees from Will, an autistic candidate

On Being an Autistic Employee (video)

Will, an autistic man, talks about being an autistic employee

Why Job Interviews Create Barriers to People with Autism (text)

Why job interviews create barriers to people with autism – from the perspective of a person with autism

Neurodiversity at Work (pdf)

Acas – Neurodiversity at Work.

Recruiting an Autistic Person (text)

Recruiting an autistic person.

Ten Top Tips for Managing an Autistic Employee (text)

Tips for managing an autistic employee.

Supporting Employees with ADHD (text)

Supporting Employees with ADHD.

Supporting Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder (text)

Supporting Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Supporting Employees with Dyscalculia (text)

Supporting Employees with Dyscalculia.

Supporting Employees with Dyslexia (text)

Supporting Employees with Dyslexia.

Supporting Employees with Dyspraxia (text)

Supporting Employees with Dyspraxia.

Dyslexia – A flavour of how it feels (link)

Dyslexia – A flavour of how it feels.

Dyspraxia – What is it? (text)

Dyspraxia – what is it?

Dyspraxia – Supporting Candidates (text)

Dyspraxia – Supporting Candidates.

Dyspraxia – Supporting Employees (text)

Dyspraxia – Supporting Employees.

Case Law – Dyslexia (text)

Case Law – Dyslexia.

Legislation – Managing Employees with Autism (text)

Legislation – Managing Employees with Autism.

Hidden Disadvantage (pdf)

Hidden Disadvantage – report from Action on Hearing Loss

Tips on Interviewing People with Autism (text)

Tips on Interviewing People with Autism.

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